T.T Saitama team anthem!

2018.10.10 (Wed.) news
T.T Saitama produced team anthem.

Music is this

Mr. musical piece provider GIORGIO CANCEMI
Title of a musical composition NERDHEADfeat.GEONIL "#1"
Reading of nadoheddofuyucharingugonirunambawan

In addition, we attach choreography by home match and show.
Choreographer Aiichiro Miyagawa

We produced musical piece that we swelled with fans and could support.

Carry foot to venue by all means.

Mr. musical piece offer GIORGIO CANCEMI
PRODUCER / MC / words / composition / arrangement
Debut major at the age of 19 years old as MC of hip-hop group 〝 DELiGHTED MINT 〟 and composer. Through fictionization as solo artist, we establish sponsorship label "@LAS RECORDS" for 200 three years, and oneself forms 〝 So'Fly 〟 acting as MC afterwards.
In 2009, we start NERDHEAD as part of solo activity.
The first place is got ringing song (R) daily / weekly ranking in debut music "BRAVE HEART feat. Kana Nishino" of NERDHEAD together in rekochoku.
We are playing an active part as Kana Nishino and Mai Kuraki, musical piece producer of many artists including TANAKA ALICE parallel to So' Fly, activity of NERDHEAD now!

Choreographer Aiichiro Miyagawa
Person of dancer, choreography, actor
We are studying in New York AileySchoo l after the Kanto international high school drama department graduation, and television commercial "WestSide story" of GAP appears. The original cast of Aida of the theatrical company four seasons. "Doll's house" where we become member of dance company Noism for 2 005 years and appeared on as manager position is appreciated, and Noism wins the eighth morning sun theatrical art stage Prize. In addition, voluntary dance picture work "Mov e on" which we produced is on at nine countries, 18 dance film festivals and wins three grand prix. We are active as dancer, actor, person of choreography, director with free widely now. The theatrical company pink skeleton sponsorship.
Toho Gakuen College of Drama and Music drama specialty part-time teacher.

The above