Privacy policy

T.LEAGUE (the following, our league) recognizes that protection of personal information is extremely important problem and pays attention of privacy policy prudence. Therefore we devise the following privacy policies and observe this.

  1. Collection and the handling of personal information

    When we acquire personal information in our league, we state the use purpose clearly and acquire with the approval of customer by legitimate and fair means. In addition, in our league, it deals with personal information within the use purpose that we stated clearly beforehand.

  2. Use purpose of personal information

    We may use personal information that had you provide from customer in our league only for range to establish below in duties trust ahead of our league and our league, use of combination ahead.

    1. In the territory of our league, to perform preservation, utilization, analysis
    2. To offer document, information requested by customer as far as it is possible
    3. To meet inquiry and opinion, request that customer gave to
    4. We do news or to contact customer
    5. In addition, for use purpose that Terms of Use every service that our league provides establish
  3. Personal information to acquire

    Our league may acquire the next information from member. Information about member whom the name, e-mail address, phone number, sex, birth Date, the metropolis and districts, password necessary for person confirmation, our other leagues appoint

  4. Trust of personal information

    We perform necessary and appropriate Head Coach after our league conducting a fair investigation based on trust selection criteria for our leagues when we entrust with privacy policy, and having frozen confidential disclosure agreement between trust ahead.

  5. Third party offer of personal information

    Our league raises below that disclose to third party without with consent of customer about personal information; do not perform this at all unless is exceptional.

    1. When we are necessary by laws and ordinances
    2. When it is necessary for sanitary improvement in particular or when it is difficult and to obtain necessary consent of the person to protect human life, body, property
  6. The joint use of personal information

    Our league may use member information jointly as follows.

    1. Range of person using jointly
      Club team which belongs to our league, T Marketing inc., T League
    2. Information item to use jointly
      Each information of "personal information that 3 acquires" mention
    3. Purpose of the joint use
      "2 is each purpose of use purpose of personal information" mention
    4. Administrator of the joint use
      Our league
  7. Disclosure, correction of personal information
    1. Our league takes rational administrative physically technical and necessary and appropriate measures to prevent loss, misappropriation, abuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, manipulation of personal information of member and destruction.
    2. Our league transmits personal information protection and safe guidelines to employee to maintain safety by personal information of member and carries out personal information protective measure in office thoroughly.
  8. Continuous improvement of personal information protection

    Our league carries out education and common knowledge thoroughly to the staff and duties trust ahead, other people concerned to maintain that privacy policy is carried out appropriately, and to find and will perform appropriate Head Coach.

  9. Destruction of personal information that we acquired

    We cancel member information that we acquired in light of normal business administration by our league when it is judged that it is unnecessary reasonably.

  10. About change of privacy policy

    Our league may update this policy at any time. Change of this policy shall be applied from point in time when our league published on this service.

  11. Inquiry window about personal information

    Our league establishes inquiry window about personal information. Please inform of inquiry about personal information to

August 2, 2018 establishment