News of Festival in Tokyo Skytree town Vol.4 appearance to play sports on Sunday, October 14

2018.10.11 (Thr.) event
In sports Festival in Tokyo Skytree town Vol.4 to be played on Sunday, October 14
Koji Matsushita and Minami Ando (TOP OTOME PINGPONGS NAGOYA) appear.

[appearance time]
15:00 ...
Location: The first floor of Tokyo Skytree town "TOKYO SKYTREE TOWNR STUDIO"
[Munhwa TV-Radio Broadcasting Corp.] sports studio ☆MIX ZONE (Tokyo Skytree town studio) ※We appear in public live broadcasting

16:15 ...
Location: The fourth floor of Tokyo Skytree town sky arena
Just before "the start! T League enforcement dissection stage"
Appearance: Koji Matsushita, Minami Ando, Keita Terashima (announcer at Munhwa TV-Radio Broadcasting Corp.), Kei village spring or Rika Tachibana
※We perform talk show and T League quiz on stage

In addition, as booth that table tennis experience (challenge) is possible in ... the fifth floor space 634 at 10:30 prepares,
We look forward to visit of many people.