About venue, seat

Are all seats reserved seats?
Regarding opening game (Ryogoku Kokugikan), all seats are reserved. Also for regular season games, we provide reserved seats, area reserved seats and non-reserved seats.
Please refer link below for more details
I could not choose seat when I buy reserved seat ticket
We do not provide seat number during the process of purchasing tickets.
You can only confirm the seat number when you actually get the ticket.
  • Area reserved seat

    You can only specify the area when purchasing tickets.
    Please find any seat available among Area reserved seat in arena on the match day.

  • Non-reserved seat

    Please find any seat available among non-reserved seat on the match day.

Can I eat or drink in an arena?
You can eat or drink including alcohols inside of arenas. However, we only allow foods or drinks purchased inside of arenas from sanitary perspective.
Can I take pictures/videos in arenas?
We are currently under discussion about the details of photo rule in Arena. Once decided, we will disclose details via official website or other channel.
For now, we are not trying to prohibit all pictures and videos, but we may ask to stop taking pictures and videos if it disturbs other audiences.
Regarding Ryogoku Kokugikan’s pair seat. Is this one ticket for two seats?
Yes. If you buy one unit of pair seat, you will automatically get two tickets and two seat.
If there are two games within one day, can I watch two games with one ticket?
One ticket is only available for one game.
Even if two games are held in the same arena in one day.
Should I wear off shoes in arenas?
Please find the information of arenas required taking off shoes in Nov. and Dec. matches here.
If the Arena require shoes-off, please bring your inner shoes since we do not prepare slippers on our end. We can provide bags for shoes for each customer.

About ticket

Should preschool kids also buy ticket?
If the kid occupies a seat, he/she needs to purchase the ticket.
If the he/she sit on parent’s knee and does not occupy one seat, do not need to purchase the ticket. However, we need to confirm certificate with age in entrance.
How can I settle for tickets.
you can pay with credit card
Can I cancel ticket after the settlement?
In principle, we do not accept cancellation.
However, if the match is cancelled or extended with any reason, and it causes you not able to watch the game, we accept cancellation as exemption.
Will you issue receipt?
Customer of the purchase can issue receipt by ticket from page of Lawson ticket.
Please refer link below for more details