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With T league

Structure of 2018-19 season league match is this

T League design

T league design is league design that plural table tennis teams which there is in Japan participate in. For this design, local team to play by hobby from team having world top-level player is divided into each category in T league and exists.

This refers to German table tennis league. It is, and 1.2 copies call with "Bundesliga" in this, and much Kaigai including not only Germany but also Japan participates in pyramid type distributed every level from copy to Part 16 in Germany.

Structure to be able to aim at from thing which can do it, and can watch a game of world top-level competition to familiar thing, by the way, to participate casually, and to be able to enjoy on place of each activity that competition-oriented, was correct is simple and realizes the situation maintained clearly.

We will push forward for realization sequentially while deepening discussion with each affiliate let alone Japan Table Tennis Association to realize this T league design in the whole table tennis world in Japan in the future.

Idea of T League

  1. We realize table tennis league of world No. 1
    • We realize league which can enjoy play of world highest level
    • We realize system bringing up top athlete playing an active part in the world
    • We realize the world's openest community-based league system which which "we can participate" "can affect" in all anyone local
  2. We raise sports business value of table tennis
    • Which "we are impressed and experience table tennis" raises sports business value of table tennis through "scientizing table tennis" "globalizing table tennis"
    • We expand table tennis fan and table tennis-related business by raising sports business value of table tennis
    • By sports business value improvement of table tennis, we raise competition power and charm of table tennis
  3. We do the life through table tennis wealthily
    • Table tennis contestant and the staff (Head Coach, Coach, umpire) can enjoy the life with table tennis over life
    • Which "we want to try" increases people whom which "we want to go in view" "wants to talk" about which "we want to be concerned" to by playing table tennis for imminent sports
    • By the spread of table tennis, we contribute to healthy life expectancy extension of local activation and the nation

Structure of league match

League summary

◆League by man, woman for each four teams

◆The number of the players: More than each six teams
※We oblige to one world top-class player (within WR10 rank equivalency) contract.

◆Season: From October to March
※We consider schedule so that existence Riki is easy to participate so that there are not world tour, the world championship, overlap with championship in Japan.

  • The championship season: Game 7 round robin, each team season 21 games (home / away war and central method)
  • Play-off (FINAL): 1.2 league match digit team performs final, and the winner wins the championship

Official game schedule (2018-2019 season

  • October 24 Opening Game (Men), October 25 Opening Game (Women)
  • The championship season: From October to February (each team central three games, home nine games, away nine games)
  • Until the end of January for championship in Japan, world tour interruption period (play a game from 30, 31st, and reopen)

Official game game form

◆Original rule 1: Method of team match

  • Basics are composed of 4 matches (3 singles, 1 double)
  • The participants to the fourth match is settled before game and is changed member for play team
  • As for the singles, 3 games match 5 game matches, double. The last game of each match starts from 6-6
  • In the case of match count 2-2 (tie score), we perform overtime at the time of the fourth match end
    Extra inning game only as for 1 game (11 points) match. The participants is decided on the spot. If it is player getting on the bench, anyone can participate
  • All team matches are carried out to the fourth match by all means. (even if it is 3-0, we carry out the fourth match at the time of the third team match by all means)
  • You must participate in one team match more than four people
  • One player can participate to up to two matches among one team matches (including extra inning game).
    But singles can participate only to 1 match (except extra inning game).
  • One player cannot participate in 2 matches except extra inning game in succession
  • The number of people that can enter bench to up to eight people of (1) starter 4 to 6 persons (2) Head Coach one (3) Coach one person

◆Original rule 2: Annual order decision method

  • We acquire point depending on victory or defeat (match count) of one team match and select order as season by the total of point.
  • We give victory team of one team match point 3.
  • In the case of 4-0, we add point 1 more. (four points of total. Because of one game four points the highest score.)
  • We give extension defeat team point 1.
  • When the total of point becomes tie score,
    (1) We evaluate in order of play results (5) lottery between number of number of the total loss and gain matches (2) total loss and gain games (3) total loss and gain point difference (4) teams concerned and decide order.
Match count
(one team match)
Acquisition point
4-0 4
3-1 3
3-2 (we win by extension) 3
2-3 (we lose by extension) 1
1-3 0
0-4 0

◆Original rule 3: Rule of full time shortening

(1) Application of multi-ball system. (image like 2018 German Open)

  • Each 20 pitches of teams select balls before team match start.
    We use the ball by all matches of team matches.
  • Ball person picks up ball during game, and sub-umpire makes getting out ball.

(2) Application of "20 seconds violation." (like tennis)

  • Server must start service within 20 seconds after the head umpire called score about play in front.
  • When we violate, the first warns. It becomes score of receiver after the second.

Player rank and participation regulation

We set regulation about starter who is the maximum element to determine value of game, performance that T league emphasizes value as "world's best league" to stakeholders such as fan sponsor, franchise procurer, player clearly and continues providing.

◆Way of thinking of rule introduction

  • On all play days, game between players of the world top is held by all means (we can watch a game we can watch)
  • FINAL between best members of team is faced.

◆Player rank

We set player rank as follows.

Player rank Requirements
S ・Within WR10 rank (within 2 latest seasons)
・By the Olympics, the world championship within singles third place (within 4 latest seasons)
・Group wins the championship at the Olympics, the world championship (within 4 latest seasons)
AAA ・Within WR20 rank (within 2 latest seasons)
・By the Olympics, the world championship more than the singles last eight (within 4 latest seasons)
AA ・Within WR50 rank (within 2 latest seasons)
・Japanese championship best less than 16 (within 2 latest seasons)
A The above does not meet, but it is admitted that there is AA rank ability considerably more than
(level that one of 2-3 times can win the fight with at least AA rank)

"Within latest n season" refer to after January before n year. (if in season for 2,018 years effective ranking, meeting results after January, 2016.)

◆Position & participation regulation

  • (1) S rank player belongs more than one person by all means, and participate more than 8 match days of league match.
  • (2) Player with more than of AAA rank participate in match D of all league match and the play-offs.
  • (3) In one match D, as for A rank player, participation is possible to two people. (from 2019-2020 season only as for one person).
  • (4) In one match D, Japanese player participate more than one person by all means.
  • (5) That becoming all for six players participating more than league match four teams match.
  • (6) Annual Roster includes spot participation in a war player; and to up to 12 people.
  • (7) Play-off final is the best order, and go.

 Collection of T league terms, rules (PDF)